Social Security of Foreigners in Turkey

socialsecurityofforeignerTurkey signed 22 agreements in social security field and if you are a citizen of those countries, then any social security payment made in Turkey will be enforceable in your country as well. You can also benefit from social security services in Turkey such as healt care.

If your country is not listed below; you can still benefit the healt care in Turkey (as long as you have work permit and your premiums are paid by employer) but your security payments shall not be calculated/enforced in your own country.

The countries that have signed socail security agreement with Turkey are;

1 Germany
2 Albania
3 Austria
4 Azerbaijan
5 Belgium
6 Bosnia-Herzegovina
7 Czech Republic
8 Denmark
9 Georgia
10 France
11 Netherlands
12 England
13 Sweden
14 Switzerland
15 K.K.T.C.
16 Canada
17 Quebec
18 Libya
19 Luxembourg
20 Macedonia
21 Norway
22 Romania


Foreigner, who has Private Insurance Security, can enjoy to the full extant healt care from related private healt institutions, However he/she can not get medical attention from publicly owned hospitals in Turkey.

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