Residence Permit in Turkey

oturumHow to get a “Residence Permit in Turkey” is a common issue for foreigners residing (or who wants to live) in Turkey. How and where do you get residence permits? Which documents you need to apply residence permit in Istanbul or in Turkey?

First of all you should know if you need to get one. Here are the topics?

Who Needs to Get Residence Permit: Tourist who is to stay in Turkey more than 90 days or students pursuing his/her education in Turkey or foreigner intending to work in Turkey need to obtain a residence permit.

Where to Apply for Permit? New Turkish Law regarding foreigners residence permit have come into force in April 2014. The law envisages immigration office in each city of Turkey. However, not until recently it was fulfilled. As of today the system works smoothly.

Any foreigner who wants residence permit in Turkey (either in Istanbul, Ankara, or Antalya) has to apply to immigration office via official web site, which is called Migration-Management 🔗 by using this link you can make the application and in return you will be given a meeting date. The meeting will be at the immigration offices, and you will submit the hard copy of documents and information, which you have used on the system, to the officers and they will check if the application is made correctly and if there is any missing document. (required doc’s are given below for your information).

What Kind of Residence Permit You Need? There are many differant kinds of residence permits (i.e; for tourist, for students, for a foreigner who is married to a Turkish citizen, etc.) The most used residence permit is “tourist residence” which is issued with a term no longer than 12 months. Persons who wish to extend this period must apply again to the Turkish Immigration Office in his city of living (ie. İstanbul immigration office, Ankara immigration office, etc.) before the permit expiration date.

Please Note That: In Turkey, residence permits do NOT give you work permission. Should you have any intention to work in Turkey, you are supposed to obtain “Work Permit” from Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Required Documents For Residence Permit: Here are the some common documents that immigration office ask for;

1- Lease Contract / showing your address in Istanbul
2- Pasaport and its photocopy
3- Permit application form / which is to be formed via online system
4- Four Photo of foreigner
5- Health Insurance of Foreigner / the term of such insurance must be equal to the term of your residence
6- Have to prove with your bank account that you have Five hundred (500) USD for each month you intent to stay in Turkey. (if you are applying for one year, that means you must have 6.000.-USD)

After Meeting Day At the Immigration Office: if your documents are ok, then residence permit card (you can see the sample picture above) will be sent to your address within 5 weeks.

Foreigners Who Do Not Have Residence Permit? If you did not apply to immigration office within time, or if your residence permit has already expired before you extended it, then you can be deported from Turkey and  will be banned to enter again for a period of (up to) 5 years. In order to prevent deportation, any foreigner who is in such situation must leave Turkey with his will and must pay monetary fine at the airport before leaving. By doing so, such foreigner can come back to Turkey 90 days later.

Consultancy Service: We, Anka Panent & Consultancy LLC, provides foreigners full service for residence permit applications as well as work permit applications. Our office is close to Taksim district and we are  fluent in English.

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