How to Get Work Permit in Turkey

work permitHow to get Work Permit in Turkey or in Istanbul? is the most common questions for foreigners/investors who have intention to work or to establish a company in Turkey. First thing you should know about “Work Permit” is that there are different kinds of “Permit” allowing foreigners to work legally in Turkey.

Work Permit Process is very much same for each permits, however the required documents for permit differs slightly from each other. If a foreigner wants to work in Turkey (regardless of whether the city is Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir) first thing he/she needs is an employer. If you dont have an employer (a company or a real person) you are not eligiable to apply for a work permit.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Turkey is the authority for accepting or rejecting the applications. When your application is accepted it will be a definite term work permit which is valid for one year. Once the one year permit is about to finish, it can be extended for two years period.

Application Process: If a foreigner has a valid residence permit then his employer can apply for work permit with the required documents which are mentioned below. If not, then foreigner has to take the documents and make application to the Turkish Embassy in his country. He/she will be given an application number which will be used to initiate work permit process at the Ministry, and second process must be followed as well to finalise the application.

Here are the short list of documents which are to be submitted;

  • A work permit Petition ⏎ addressing Ministry of Labour and Social Security,
  • Application Form  / signed by both employer and foreign personnel
  • Employment Contract  ⏎ signed by both employer and foreign personnel (in 2 copies)
  • Passport Copy
  • Diploma Copy
  • CV (not mandatory)
  • Residence permit / The residence permit has to be granted for at least six months.
  • If you dont have a valid residence permit, then Application number which is given from Turkish Embassy must be submitted.

Foreigners applying for a Turkish work permit should make the appliation to the Turkish Embassy in their country of residence. Required documents for such application are;

  • Passport
  • Work visa application form
  • photo
  • copy of the “employment contract” which is signed between employer and employee.

Foreigners who has applied via Turkish Consulate, will be granted (upon approval) with Turkish Work Visa so that he/she can enter to country and stay with work permit. When a foreigner is granted with work permit, he/she doesnt have to apply for residence permit as long as the work permit continues.

Employer or Employing Company has to provide some documents as well. Those doc’s are as follows;

  • List of all employees of the company (Concerning last month)
  • Official Paper of the Company showing the capital and shareholders names.
  • (Certificate of Good Standing) for the company
  • No Debt Statement from Turkish Tax Office of the Company

Company Shareholders: If foreigner who is a shareholder of a Turkish Company, then he can apply to work permit too. You can read further information from following link company shareholders.

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